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Dr. Siobhan D. Flowers, LPC-S, NCC, CSC






InveSt in yourself

​​*These sessions occur via HIPAA secure, online video or by phone

 Using insurance requires that I assign you a clinical mental health diagnosis which remains a part of your permanent medical record.  Your insurance company also becomes part of your treatment plan which means they can access detailed clinical information about you, can dictate the type of work that is done within your therapy sessions, and can also limit how many sessions are paid for.  


Please carefully consider all of your options before using insurance for mental health services.

ONLINE counseling (conducted by secure video or by phone):

$135 per each 50 - 55 minute session. 

​Client is responsible for payment prior to the start of each session via a card left securely on file via my online

client portal - Simple Practice (via Stripe). For special circumstances an online invoice can be processed via Square.

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