'30 Days of Wellness for Educators' is a self care circle tailored specifically for educators, facilitated by Siobhan D. Flowers, M.A., M.Ed., LPC, NCC, CSC, a licensed therapist, college educator, and former secondary educator and school counselor.

Self Care Circle

You may suffer from burnout and often feel overwhelmed.

Membership in a private Facebook group gives you access to the following benefits:

Make 2017 your year for self care!

Learn how to apply targeted, purposeful self care interventions that are quick, easy and effective!

Group starts January 29th - We welcome you to join!

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"What can I expect in the 30 days?"

A self care investment of just $15 (that's only 50 cents per day) secures your spot in our wellness group.

As an educator, you most likely face high levels of stress.

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Between the constant demands of both your work and personal life, you may struggle with taking real time for yourself and your self care often takes a backseat to your other responsibilities.

Join our wellness circle!

Siobhan D. Flowers, m.a., m.ed., LPC, NCC

30 Days of Wellness for Educators 

  • Supportive and quick self care interventions you can use in your busy schedule
  • Motivation, support, group discussions
  • Stress management tips, meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Time management strategies 
  • Informative articles and journaling prompts
  • Nutritional information and holistic wellness approaches      
  • Collaborative space to connect and share with like-minded educators on your wellness journey.
  • A dedicated forum for you to prioritize your self care, to recharge and renew and set the proper wellness foundation for the new year.
  • A guide on how to create your own personalized self care plan for you to continue to reap the benefits long after the 30 day period!